Receipt of a signed management authority to manage your property starts our process to get the right tenants


1 Day – Advertising your property

First we agree an appropriate rent for your property. Our aim is to maximize your income potential with our rents generally above average or in the upper quartile of the Dept of Building and Housing Market Rent information.
Your property and private login is set up on our system – you can access all your information remotely at this time.
Your property is advertised on Houses to Rent, Trade Me and Rentfast websites using high quality photographs and catchy content to sell your property (tenants say they like our ads as we use lots of photos which makes it easy for them to make a decision). Signs will be placed on the property.


7 – 14 Days–Viewing the property

Time will depend on the property – on average we find it takes between 1-2 weeks

Prospective tenants can view your property at a time convenient to them, including evenings and weekends.
Extended office hours ensure prospective tenants can get further information about your property.


1 Day – Tenant checking process

Once we find a tenant who would like to move into your property we have a rigorous reference checking process focusing on :

  • Personal details -NZ Drivers Licence National Database, Ministry of Justice
  • Rental history – including past landlords
  • Financial details – including Baycorp, Veda Advantage, CIA Debt Recovery Group, and
  • Employment details – current employers


2 Days – Moving in

Once reference details are approved, a tenancy agreement is signed. We strive to get 12-month agreements to help reduce the annual vacancy rate (which in many cases is zero) of your property.

Before moving in tenants pay 4 weeks rent as bond (sent to the Department of Building and Housing) and 1 weeks rent in advance.
The condition of your property is recorded with photos and a written report before tenants move in – this is beneficial for both yourself and the tenants.


Ongoing – rental property management

Rentfast takes all the hassles out of managing your rental property! See how here.

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