With our property management service we get the right tenants for your property then make sure both you and your tenants have a hassle free tenancy.

This is property management that doesn’t send you batty.

We asked our landlords what they wanted from a property management company. They told us :

  1. their rent paid on time;
  2. their property looked after;
  3. 24-hour access to their property information; and
  4. minimised vacancies for maximum income potential.

So generally someone else to deal with any hassles. We’ve built their feedback into our Property Management Service.


1. The rent paid on time

Rents are checked daily. Our process to ensure your rent is paid on time is :

  1. If the rent is 1 day behind a reminder text is sent to all the tenants on the agreement requesting they respond immediately.
  2. If there is no response within 2 hours we try and call them.
  3. If there is no response by the end of the day a 14-day notice to rectify their arrears is sent.
  4. If the rent is not up to date after 14 days an application for mediation is applied for, this is the first step towards tenancy tribunal.

We keep you informed – every month you will receive detailed rental statements itemising all rental income and any expenses incurred. The net income will be direct credited to your nominated bank account. 24 hour access is available to your rental statements under your private online login.


2. The property looked after – Inspections – so you know the condition of your property

Regular inspections encourage good relationships with our tenants and are the key to a worry free tenancy.

All inspections include photos and a written report. A written report is sent to you after each inspection and you have 24 hour access to all your inspection information (including photos) under your private login online.

  1. Initial inspection – Before the tenants move in, the condition of your property is recorded with photos and a written report – this gives a baseline for both yourself and your tenants. See an example of an inspection report.
  2. Second inspection – The second inspection is carried out 1 month after the tenancy commences and includes updated photos and a written report.
  3. Subsequent inspections – Every four months your property is inspected including updated photos and a written report.
  4. Exit inspection – A detailed inspection is carried out when the tenants exit and before the bond is reimbursed.
  5. Repairs – we want to keep your tenants happy and your property in top condition. All repairs are carried out by us on your behalf up to a predetermined limit set by you. To keep your tenants happy we respond to maintenance issues within 48 hours.


3. 24-hour access to information

Anytime, anywhere – your private online login gives you 24-hour access to all the information about your property including financial statements, inspection reports and photos, tenancy agreements and any correspondence with tenants.


4. Minimised vacancies for maximum income potential

Our system notifies us 42 days before the end of a fixed term tenancy agreement. This gives us enough time to negotiate a new contract or advertise for new tenants.


And someone else to deal with the hassles

We are the link between you and your tenants. We aim to create an environment of mutual respect so we’re notified early of any issues with the property, rents will be paid on time and tenants will take better care of your property.


We work on a ‘no surprises’ philosophy

Any changes with your property are communicated to you the same day so you know exactly what’s going on. This includes rental arrears (as specified by you – we will contact you as early or late in the process as requested) and repairs requests.


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